Tips to Help Keep Your Carpet Well Maintained

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Carpets are a great thing to have in your home because of their numerous benefits, but if they are not kept properly they can become dirty and damage and make your home look unpleasant and that is why you need to constantly care for your carpet and keep it in good shape at all times. Most carpet shops in UAE do not tell their clients or give them tips on how they can maintain their carpet properly or how they are supposed to clean it and not everyone is aware of the maintenance a carpet requires, so they just watch the carpet dies without even knowing it, that is why we have a few tips that can help you keep your carpet in good shape.


This is the most important thing to do if you want your carpet to always be fresh and clean, your carpet should be vacuumed at least once a week in order to keep it remaining clean at all times and removing whatever sharp and small objects might have fallen into your carpet. If you have kids or pets, then it is advisable for you to vacuum that carpet more often.

Use Mats

Placing a mat outside your house or at the doorways of places without carpets is a way to prevent dirt from getting into the carpet, so this is to help people clean their feet before they step into the room with the carpet.

Avoid Wearing Shoes on the Carpet

If you’ve been wearing shoes on your carpet then that just shows that you are not a lover of that carpet and you do not plan on keeping it for a long time because shoes carry a lot of dirty and other things and wearing a shoe on your Iranian carpet would do a lot of damage so try to be strict in your home and instill the no-shoes policy in your home to protect your carpet.

Steam Cleaning

This is in addition to vacuuming, but it does not need to be done as often, your carpet should be steam cleaned at least once a year to keep it fresh and maintain that soft feel the carpet has, especially if you have a modern carpet. Modern carpets Dubai needs a lot of care and needs to be steam cleaned, so they maintain their beauty and perfect, soft, and relaxing feel and look.

These are a few tips that could help you keep your carpet in excellent shape and make them last longer and remain perfect.

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