Six Important Oil Field Equipment

Running your oil business in Dubai requires managing a lot of technical and administrative aspects simultaneously. One of the major things that you need to look after is the standard of tools, machines and equipment that you use for oil exploration, extraction, procurement, refinement, transport and storage. It is highly essential to rely on reputed oil field equipment suppliers in Dubai in order to get everything done efficiently, without any hassles. As a businessman or an oil industry entrepreneur, you must have certain priorities while using principal equipment at the oil fields. Six most vital equipment are talked about in this article.

Trucks at Oil Field

No one can undermine the significance of trucks at the oil field that are suitable to conduct a host of exclusive functions. The trucks are used to transport heavy machines and people across the vast expanse of the work area by not wasting precious time.  Also, if you want to move oil or any kind of sludge from one location to another, then these trucks are extremely effective in meeting your needs. A strong winch is generally attached to the truck that connects to another wheeled set-up.

Drilling Rigs

An oil field is incomplete without the presence of drilling rigs. You need to be much focused while investing in rigs as they determine the efficiency of your oil business. It is arguably the most imposing equipment of all machines and tools that you could have at the oil field. For reaching the oil reserves below the earth or through ocean beds, these rigs are the main materials that help you out.

Well Control Machine

The equipment that is used to keep a tab on the flow of oil from a safety perspective is known as a well control machine. Prime examples are closing units and blowout preventers. These are essential for keeping the work environment safe.


Degassers have their own importance in oil fields, as they are frequently used to degas the drilled liquid and free it from the gas trapped in them. A degasser is extremely effective to suck out gases like methane and carbon dioxide from the drilling fluid.

Mud Cleaners

Mud cleaners are essentially used to keep the drilling process going, unhindered. With a mesh attached and sophisticated smaller tools in the set, a mud cleaner operates to keep the main drilling function free of solid particles during the action.

Sand Pumps

These are used to remove deposits and keep the drilling site neat and tidy.

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