Best Type of Caviar

Best Type of Caviar

There is no doubt that caviar is the most expensive fish product on the market. The eggs of fish, mostly sturgeon and sea trout. In ancient times, caviar was produced, but only in recent years has it become so popular as to now considered a luxury item.

Caviar can be used on its own as an appetizer or with other food items such as raw eggs or cheese for dipping purposes. It can also be used as an ingredient in sauces, dressings, and soups to enhance flavor. Caviar can also be used as a topping for cakes, cookies, and ice cream desserts.

Black caviar has very little flavor or aroma. It is considered a delicacy because it is so smooth and delicate. White caviar has an intense flavor that can be compared to ham. Let’s look at what type of caviar Dubai has to offer:

Sturgeons – White

Caviar of this type is the most common. A white sturgeon’s egg is the source of this caviar. Caviar comes in several different grades, with superior caviar being known as Beluga.


A second popular style of caviar. These eggs come from yellowfin species of sturgeon, with a milder flavor than white caviar.

Beluga Caviar

There are several benefits to eating Beluga caviar, such as its rich, sweet flavor and superior nutritional profile. The caviar is referred to as ” the caviar of kings.” High – quality caviar is available, offering a rich taste with a buttery texture. It’s also the more costly kind of caviar.

Sevruga Caviar

Sevruga caviar is collected off the eggs of the black sturgeon. This caviar has a milder taste compared to beluga and is more popular with consumers who prefer mild – flavored fish egg,

Caviar Osetra

It is a smaller variety that is not as highly regarded as the majority. Sturgeons are raised in northern Russia by osetra sturgeons, which grow to about 6 feet long. The osetra may be known as ” black gold ” due to its rich flavor better than other caviars.

Kaluga Caviar

Kaluga caviar is obtained from sturgeons that live in the Black Sea region of Russia. The caviar has a lower salt content than most sorts of caviar. It is considered finer due to the fact that it’s sourced from smaller species caught using traditional methods.

Salmon Caviar

Salmon caviar, derived from salmon roe without being dyed, offers a milder taste than beluga. These can be obtained at most supermarkets and specialty stores. It’s usually sold in small tins that have a screw – top lid.

Sterlet Caviar

Sterlet caviar is made from sturgeon roe, larger in size and live in rivers, ponds, and bays. In general, it is darker in color compared with beluga and has a stronger flavor.

Caviar boutiques offer many varieties, so it is worth trying different types to find the one suited to your palate the best. Each type has its own unique flavor, texture, and appearance, which makes it an exciting delicacy to explore.

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