Thoracic & Cardiac Surgery Dubai

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Numerous individuals seek out various experts who center much of their concentration and know-how on thoracic and cardiac surgery. There are a number of people who require thoracic and cardiac surgery, mainly because of various purposes like health reasons, accidental occurrences, and a number of other issues that have troubled their heart and thorax. Various licensed experts and specialists who practice medicine and thoracic and cardiac surgery are often educated and qualified to deal with these issues, and a variety of these doctors have graduated from recognized colleges that teach important surgery techniques. Various individuals are very pleased with the work that is accomplished during thoracic and cardiac surgery, particularly due to the fact that this surgery is an often …

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Surgical Centers Dubai

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It is very common for people to have minor surgeries and elective surgeries performed in surgical clinics and surgical centers rather than in hospitals. Most surgical centers and surgery centers are outpatient surgery centers and outpatient surgical centers. Most surgical centers specialize in having a certain kinds of surgery performed there and many are used by only one doctor while others may be used by several surgeons. Some surgical clinics are plastic surgery clinics and plastic surgery centers where people go to get plastic surgery. Some surgical centers are laser surgery clinics and laser surgery centers where people go to get laser and eye surgery. Some surgical centers are orthopedic surgery clinics and orthopedic surgery centers where people go to …

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Surgical Appliances Dubai

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Hospitals, clinics and physicians’ offices all buy the equipment, tools and appliances they need from surgical appliance retailers. Some surgical appliance retailers specialize in the sales of large and expensive machines that are only found in specialty clinics or hospitals such as MRI machines or CAT scanners. Other surgical appliance vendors sell appliances like sterilizers and special refrigerators that are found in hospitals, clinics and doctors’ offices. Some surgical appliance retailers specialize in the sales of medical tools such as stethoscopes, calipers and reflex testing instruments. Some surgical appliance retailers sell medical furniture or medical clothing. Surgical appliance manufacturers make surgical appliances. Some manufacturers specialize in making many medical tools while others only make one kind of appliance or one …

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Substance Abuse Centers Dubai

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Substance Abuse Terminology for Families Anyone with an alcoholic or drug addict in their life can attest to the serious pain these diseases can inflict. For the loved ones of an addict, the world of substance abuse and rehabilitation can be very disorienting. If you’re the parent or friend of an addict here are some terms you should know that will help you understand the rehab process. Delirium Tremens – Sometimes called, “the shakes” or “DT’s”, this is the physical manifestation of alcohol withdrawal. Detox – This term describes the process of removing substances from an addict’s body. It may be facilitated by other drugs, which are administered under a doctor’s care, to ease the physical side effects. Inpatient Program …

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Smokers Information & Treatment Centers Dubai

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Smoking and tobacco treatment centers specialize in helping people break their nicotine addictions. Some smoking treatment centers are telephone hotlines people who are quitting smoking can call to get free advice and free support. Some smoking treatment centers offer outpatient counseling and peer support group services. Some cigarette treatment centers are inpatient facilities that may use antidepressants or homeopathic and naturopathic remedies to help treat nicotine addiction in addition to offering counseling and peer support group services. Most smoking treatment centers also treat people who want to quit smokeless tobacco or chewing tobacco. Most tobacco treatment centers can provide free advice on quitting smoking and can provide tons of information about the health impacts of smoking. Some treatment centers also …

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Sleep Disorders Doctors Dubai

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If you are under stress during the day and feel severe daytime sleepiness, then you may have a sleep disorder. If you suspect sleep apnea, then a physician may monitor you at a clinic. Patients are monitored at sleep centers for eye and chin movement and brain wave patterns. Depression and anxiety may influence heart rate and breathing patterns. If you struggle with prolonged insomnia or snore loudly, then consider an appointment with a sleep disorder doctor. Prescriptions or other medical treatments may be given by doctors so you can improve your quality of rest. Sleep disorder doctors are medical specialists who monitor and treat patients who suffer from various sleeping problems. This is a common disorder that has been …

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Sleep Disorders Diagnostic Treatment Dubai

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People who are having trouble sleeping or who experience abnormal sleep episodes will often choose to contact a facility that offers diagnosis and treatment for sleep disorders because of the expertise and specialized equipment they will often have. Large hospitals will often have research groups dedicated to studying sleep disorders, and many private clinics may also help patients deal with issues regarding disorders such as narcolepsy, sleep apnea, insomnia, and parasomnias such as sleeping walking. In order to properly diagnose a sleep disorder, doctors will often use techniques such as Polysomnography, Sleep Latency Testing, and CPAP calibration. Facilities that offer sleep disorder diagnosis will usually also offer a range of medical, surgical and behavioral treatments in order to help the …

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Sleep Disorder Centers Dubai

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Sleep disorder specialists are psychiatrists, neurologists, and other kinds of physicians who specialize in treating people with sleep disorders. When people with sleep disorders need treatment for their sleep disorders, they will usually go see a sleep disorder specialist. Many sleep disorder specialists work at sleep disorder clinics or sleep disorder centers. Some sleep disorder specialists specialize in treating a specific kind of sleep disorder, such as a sleep disorder specialist who specializes in treating insomnia. Other sleep disorder experts may treat many kinds of sleep disorders such as night terrors, sleep apnea or narcolepsy. Most sleep disorder clinics have monitoring rooms where they monitor people as they sleep. People who think they have a sleep disorder may need to …

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Shoes Orthopedic Dubai

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Orthopedic shoes are for patients with arthritis. This corrective footwear may be prescribed by a doctor for a scoliosis patient. A surgeon may do reconstruction of a diabetic’s foot. The growth of skin and bone after an injury may be helped by a special shoe. Podiatrists may recommend several retail companies that sell orthopedic footwear. Find physician recommended footwear by asking providers about their affiliations. Orthopedic shoes are medically prescribed and fitted for children’s and adult’s feet that require special supports. These corrective devices can take the form of inserts within regular shoes, or custom made shoes that are formed to an individual’s foot. One may require orthopedic shoes after a bone fracture, pediatric injury, re-construction, or birth defect. The …

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Rheumatology Dubai

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Rheumatology is the study of a number of diseases which affect the bones, joints and muscles, including arthritis, bursitis, sclerosis, osteoporosis and fibromyalgia. Arthritis is simply an inflammation of the joints, and takes many forms. Juvenile arthritis affects children, often painfully, while polyarthritis (the inflammation of several joints) develops in many adults as they age, and is also known as osteoarthritis, or the breakdown of cartilage around bones in the knees, hands and feet. Ankylosing spondylitis affects the spine and sacroiliac areas of the back, and is extremely painful. Gout is a painful inflammation of the joints, while bursitis is inflammation in the pockets of fluid within certain parts of the body, particularly the shoulders, elbows and knees. Fibromyalgia is …

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