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Find Dubai X Ray Duplicating Service on Dubai Medical Directory. Directory for X Ray Duplicating Service, CAT Scan Copies, CAT Scan Duplicates in Dubai,UAE
Find Dubai X Ray Duplicating Service on Dubai Medical Directory. Directory for X Ray Duplicating Service, CAT Scan Copies, CAT Scan Duplicates in Dubai,UAE

X Ray Duplicating Service Dubai

An X Ray Duplicating Service is often needed for legal cases, particularly malpractice and personal injury cases, so that multiple medical personnel can review the same set of X Rays. Because of the unique nature of X Ray films, duplication is a special process in order to preserve the detail of the original X Ray.

X Rays use very short light rays from the electromagnetic spectrum. These rays are able to penetrate through materials of light atoms like flesh. Heavier atoms like metal absorb them. Calcium in bones is considered a type of metal and when photographic film is placed on a human body, X Rays are able to create a picture of the bones and other metal-like objects inside of the flesh.

X ray imaging uses radiation to examine body parts, whether as part of dental procedures or involving full-body x rays, CAT scans, and MRI machines. X rays are taken within doctor’s offices, hospitals, and clinics to examine broken bones, scan for cancer, or detect bleeding. These machines are operated by skilled radiologists or x ray technicians, who can then provide the images and pictures for a doctor’s inspection.

Sometimes, duplicates of an x ray film are needed. Many times, patients want their own record of x rays, and they may seek out an x ray duplicating service. Doctor’s offices, attorneys, hospitals, and insurance companies may also require these services. Many such duplication providers boast high-quality duplicates, and even CD images, often with turnaround times of 48 hours or less.

They may also offer x ray copying, scanning and film printing, utilizing state-of-the-art digital copying and scanning equipment and software. X ray duplicating services can typically provide copies of anything from MRIs and CT scans to ultrasounds and dental x-rays. Sometimes, patients or companies want their medical records copied as well.

In a process that could take weeks to achieve through other channels, x ray duplication services can have the product back to the individual within hours. X ray capabilities were first discovered in the late 1800s via a cathode ray generator. The x ray tube was also discovered around this time, providing a basis for all future X-ray tubes in terms of medical applications. Today, digital scans are the norm, allowing for crisp, clear views available immediately on a screen.

Popular X-Ray Duplicating Terms

Proper x-ray duplication is an important medical service because a poor scan can hide deformities, disease or tumors. These images are often used in judicial proceedings, so accuracy is extremely important. Duplicating service companies use high quality devices or imaging to ensure identical duplicates. Here are some popular terms regarding this service.

  • Duplication Film – This is a special, single-emulsion film that is used to make a copy of an x-ray, MRI, mammograms or other radiographic image. This works by exposing the existing image to ultraviolet light. This is usually done using a laser printer.
  • Digital Copy – In some cases, an x-ray may need to be put on a disc. In this case, high quality scanners are used to capture the radiographic image so they can be stored on a digital device, such a hard-drive, disc or USB storage.
  • Radiographer – This is an individual that specializes in using x-ray technology to treat or diagnose various medical issues. These individuals work in clinics, laboratories and hospitals.
  • Ionizing Radiation – This is radiation that, during an interaction with an atom, has so much energy that it can remove electrons from the atom’s orbit. Heat waves, radio waves and x-rays are all examples of ionizing radiation.
  • Duplicator – This is the machine that facilitates the initial image. These can be traditional image devices or hand-held UV light sources that replicate the precise, accurate details of the original. The larger amount of copies that need to be made will influence the type of duplicator that needs to be used.

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