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Find Dubai Surgical Appliances on Dubai Medical Directory. Directory for Surgical Appliances, Universal Surgical Corsets in Dubai,UAE
Find Dubai Surgical Appliances on Dubai Medical Directory. Directory for Surgical Appliances, Universal Surgical Corsets in Dubai,UAE

Surgical Appliances Dubai

Hospitals, clinics and physicians’ offices all buy the equipment, tools and appliances they need from surgical appliance retailers. Some surgical appliance retailers specialize in the sales of large and expensive machines that are only found in specialty clinics or hospitals such as MRI machines or CAT scanners. Other surgical appliance vendors sell appliances like sterilizers and special refrigerators that are found in hospitals, clinics and doctors’ offices.

Some surgical appliance retailers specialize in the sales of medical tools such as stethoscopes, calipers and reflex testing instruments. Some surgical appliance retailers sell medical furniture or medical clothing. Surgical appliance manufacturers make surgical appliances. Some manufacturers specialize in making many medical tools while others only make one kind of appliance or one kind of medical machine.

Surgical equipment and machines save lives. You’ll find these essential products are available in labs, medical, and veterinary offices. Dental practices also use supplies like prosthetic bridges or dentures in their line of work. An orthopedic apparatus can help correct the bones in toddlers with bowlegs or other disabilities. Some of these items are disposable, but others require care to ensure their longevity.

Surgeries have been used of medical physicians for centuries. A number of prehistoric skulls with healed holes have been found throughout the years. Historians feel these holes were used to reduce pressure and swelling inside the brain. A large number of these holes were healed making it common belief that many survived these procedures. Writings by philosophers confirm that drilled or scraped holes were used to treat brain conditions with.

Since those early methods, medical advancements have driven the need for better, safer tools. One tool in particular that serves great assistance is a customized orthotic device to correct a fallen arch. Doctors have a specific company or manufacturer that makes the orthotic device to match the patient’s needs. Prosthetic heart valves replace leaky valves that cause irregular heart rhythms.

All of these procedures can extend or improve a person’s life. There are appliances that help support a broken leg while it heals. These supportive appliances can also help a person breath following a serious injury. All of these devices are found in dental, medical, and veterinary offices. They must keep them well-maintained and inspected to ensure they perform as expected. Purchase your surgical equipment from an authorized distributor. Ask around for estimates. Cheap prices are often available when you purchase your supplies in bulk.

Surgical Appliance Terminology

After a surgery or other medical process, the right surgical appliances and instruments are important for continued therapy and recovery. The following terms are commonly encountered when obtaining bulk and individual supplies from surgical and medical appliance distributors.

  • Compression Stockings – Specialized medical hosiery that improves the circulation in the feet and legs. The stockings use pressure to increase the blood circulation, helping to treat certain conditions such as thrombosis.
  • Surgical Corset – A corset that wraps around the abdomen for post-surgery support. Corsets are designed with various designs, fits and components.
  • Thoracolumbar Appliance – A type of surgical corset that supports and stabilizes the spine. It is composed of rigid plastic and contours to fit a patient’s body.
  • Orthopedics – Medical products, instruments and supplies that are designed to provide support and stability for a patient. These include a variety of devices, from knee supports to neck pillows.
  • Arm Sling – A soft accessory that is wrapped around the arm and shoulder to provide support after an arm injury. You can find arm slings from many medical appliance companies.
  • Foot Orthoses – A type of orthopedic appliance used for supporting the arch of the foot. This is applied to correct deformities, provide support, align the body or otherwise improve the functionality of the foot or body.
  • Prosthetics – An artificial device that replaces a missing body part or limb, such as a leg or hand. Prosthetics can be highly functional and allow a patient to resume many normal activities. These are generally customized in a lab for a patient’s needs.
  • Mastectomy Prosthetic – A prosthetic that replaces the chest form after a mastectomy. These prosthetics offer life-like materials, color and weight to provide a natural-looking chest replacement. They provide the balance and appearance that a women wants after a mastectomy.

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