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Find Dubai Psychotherapists on Dubai Medical Directory. Directory for Psychotherapists, Marital Counseling, Family Therapist in Dubai,UAE
Find Dubai Psychotherapists on Dubai Medical Directory. Directory for Psychotherapists, Marital Counseling, Family Therapist in Dubai,UAE

Psychotherapists Dubai

People with severe emotional, behavioral or mental problems will often see a psychotherapist in order to help identify and control their unconscious impulses and desires. Psychotherapists usually use a technique called psychoanalysis, first developed by Sigmund Freud in the 1880’s, to help identify problems stemming from the unconscious desires of their clients.

Psychoanalysis usually consists of a series of discussions, or sessions, between the psychotherapist and their client. Although psychotherapists do not need to be medically qualified, most countries require them to be trained, certified and licensed.

Psychotherapists—professionals that utilize psychological techniques to resolve conflict, behavioral problems, and relationship issues—can work within a private practice, or within a clinical setting. By increasing a patient’s sense of his or her own well being, they can address issues related to behavior, communication, social phobias, work problems, and interpersonal relationships.

Through experiential relationship building, dialog, and behavior changes, psychotherapists can help improve the individual’s family relationships, as well as personal mental health. A variety of techniques can be used, such as standard therapy sessions, medication, or a combination of the two. Through analysis and logic, psychotherapists can help treat both adults and children, although some may specialize in one or the other.

Sometimes, psychotherapy is used in conjunction with other types of therapies, such as clinical psychology or psychiatry. Counselors, psychiatrists, and doctors in these areas may employ a variety of techniques to help a patient in addition to psychotherapy. Some people need help with their marriage; others are fighting depression. Still others are mentally ill and require medicine in addition to therapy. There are many degrees of mental health needs, with many emotions and factors coming into play.

Psychotherapy may be needed to improve behavior, both in group and personal situations. Those looking to make an appointment with a psychotherapist can seek out a referral from their primary care doctor. They can also learn a bit about psychotherapy online or in books. Counseling can be a very emotional outlet, and many patients seek comfort in the office of a qualified psychotherapist to address anything from behavioral issues to family matters.

Psychotherapy Terms

Psychotherapists counsel people who are suffering from a variety of mental problems. They can assist anyone, from children to families to couples. Grief, anger management, and phobias are all common issues that counseling can help many deal with. The following are some important terms a psychologist, psychiatrist, or other counselor may use.

  • Cognitive Therapy – Cognitive therapy can help someone deal with and overcome abnormal behaviors or feelings. Many psychologists and psychiatrists will talk with patients in the hope of altering their mindsets or behaviors. <
  • Id – The Id is the part of everyone’s mind that only cares about basic wants and needs. The Id is the root of the depression and anger that can occur when we are denied what we want.
  • Ego – According to psychology theories, the ego is the part of everyone’s mind that attempts to satisfy the Id’s basic desires without experiencing harsh consequences.
  • Super-Ego – The Super-ego is the part of everyone’s mind that craves structure and socially responsible actions. The Super-ego is developed as a person grows and is influenced by role models and society as a whole.
  • Free Association – Free association is used by many psychotherapists and psychologists. This counseling method allows the patient to discuss whatever thoughts occur in the hopes that an underlying issue will surface. Free association could be helpful for patients experiencing depression or extreme grief.
  • Medical Therapy – Medical therapy involves the use of pharmaceutical drugs and even surgery to correct a physical issue that could be causing a mental health problem.
  • Systematic Desensitization – This therapy helps deal with phobias. The psychology patient is exposed to the feared object and the level of contact is gradually increased. Graded exposure is a similar treatment.

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