Psychiatric Social Workers Dubai

Find Dubai Psychiatric Social Workers on Dubai Medical Directory. Directory for Psychiatric Social Workers, Adolescent Counseling in Dubai,UAE

Social workers serve as advocates for children, disabled and ill individuals. A social worker dedicates their career to being a representative for people that cannot help themselves. They are committed to the pursuit of social changes, welfare and justice. They purse a better quality of life for individuals that do not have the opportunity to do so. Social workers are employed by many professional industries. Psychiatric social workers strive to ensure that mentally ill individuals receive the care and attention that they deserve. Psychiatric social workers look after the welfare of many individuals. To find social workers in your area, go online or look in a directory for a professional that can help you. People in need of counseling for …

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Prosthodontics Dentists Dubai

Find Dubai Prosthodontics Dentists on Dubai Medical Directory. Directory for Prosthodontics Dentists, Dentist Cosmetic, Implant in Dubai,UAE.

Prosthodontics operations and procedures are often done on many patients each and everyday and many dentists can be hired to deal with problems that may concern smiles and teeth. A number of these prosthodontics dentists also supply services to clients who might want to have a tailored prosthetic part of their mouth designed for utilization with their smiles and teeth. Individuals who have the need to make their teeth look better often go to dentists for braces, retainers, and other oral surgical procedures. Many people travel to dentists for advice and information regarding prosthodontics problems that could eventually be treated. Braces and cosmetic operations are often done by licensed dentists and dental technicians who are experienced and trained in many …

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Prosthetic Devices Dubai

Find Dubai Prosthetic Devices on Dubai Medical Directory. Directory for Prosthetic Devices, Prosthetic & Orthotic Devices, Prosthetic Implant in Dubai UAE

When a patient goes through the process of being fitted for, a prosthetic device there may be many steps for suitable fitting. Some of the steps for a suitable fitting may include personal training with a prosthetic professional to insure the patient is capable of using the device fruitfully. Prosthetic devices may be an effective way to replace a missing part of the body such as a leg, by an artificial substitute. Professional may take patient’s measurements of his or her body to design a prosthetic device that could properly fit the body. Prosthetic devices may be evolving on a continual basis getting better and better as the manufacturer continues its research. Prosthetic devices are otherwise known as artificial limps. …

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Proctologists Dubai

Find Dubai Proctologists on Dubai Medical Directory. Directory for Proctologists, Colon Cancer Doctor, Bowel Cancer Physician in Dubai,UAE.

Proctology is the study and field of medicine for irregularities and disorders in the rectum or anus. A proctologist is most commonly known as a colorectal surgeon, and works closely with urologists. If you’d like to see a proctologist, consider the tips below to find the best suited doctor for your needs. First, go online and search your favorite web browser for such key terms as “proctologists,” “colon doctor,” and “rectum physician.” These will bring up a variety of colorectal physicians available and providing help. Visit the websites that look the most professional and read their about page for company history, doctor background, education, and experience, and more. If impressed you can either call or make an appointment with the …

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Podiatrists Dubai

Find Dubai Podiatrists on Dubai Medical Directory. Directory for Podiatrists, Foot Doctor, Foot Surgery, Foot Health, Foot Problems in Dubai,UAE.

There are two kinds of podiatry treatment and medicine that a podiatrist may recommend for their patients. Orthopedic podiatry is primarily a non-surgical form of podiatry practiced by podiatrists. Podiatrists that practice orthopedic podiatry will typically treat patients who are having problems with arthritis, diabetes or poor circulation. An orthopedic podiatrist will generally treat these medical problems with special shoe inserts or other orthopedic devices. Surgical podiatry is another of form of podiatry practiced by podiatrists. Surgical podiatry primarily involves the use of surgical procedures to repair and treat serious or painful problems associated with broken bones, torn ligaments and damaged tendons. Podiatrists are medical professionals that focus on the care of the human foot, and they are generally referred …

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Plastiaic Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgery Dubai

Find Dubai Plastic Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgery on Dubai Medical Directory. Directory for Plastic Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgery in Dubai,UAE.

Plastic surgery is the fastest-growing subset of surgical procedures in the United States, with over nine billion dollars spent on plastic surgery in a single year. These surgeries are performed for a number of reasons; the most commonly thought of are cosmetic. Common aesthetic surgeries include rhinoplasty (nose jobs), breast implants and reductions (these may be for cosmetic purposes, as in the case of men with overdeveloped breast tissue – gynecomastia – or women who have had a complete mastectomy to treat breast cancer), laser hair removal, dermabrasion and chemical peels, botox injections into the cheeks and forehead, and tummy tucks (abdominoplasty) to transfer fat from the stomach either into the trash or to another area of the body. Reconstructive …

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Physicians Naturopathic Dubai

Find Dubai Physicians Naturopathic on Dubai Medical Directory. Directory for Physicians Naturopathic, Homeopathic Physician in Dubai,UAE.

Naturopathic physicians are doctors who specialize in using the body’s immune system to fight disease, often without the aid of traditional or conventional medicine. Naturopathic doctors may use a wide range of treatments, including homeopathic or all-natural medicine, physical medicine such as certain body exercises, hydrotherapy—the use of water to cure disease and strengthen the body, acupuncture, and other alternative techniques to conventional medicine. Naturopathic medicine started in India and other countries of the Far East, but its programs and “natural” way of healing has spread to the West in recent years. Naturopathic physicians often stress the importance of nutrition and the cleansing of the body from impurities, and may rely on herbal medicine instead of surgery. Naturopathic physicians are …

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Physicians General Dubai

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The role of the general physician and pediatrician in the medical world has changed dramatically over the past few decades. These days, patients who used to see one doctor over the course of their entire life may wind up seeing multiple physicians and surgeons for a single problem. For patients who are trying to navigate a maze of doctors, dentist and specialists, here are some terms that may be helpful to know. Cardiologist – Physicians who specialize identifying and treating heart problems. Remember, not every specialist is also a surgeon so the doctor who identifies a problem may not be the one who operates on it. Gynecologist – A doctor who focuses solely on the care and treatment of a …

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Physicians Assistants Dubai

Find Dubai Physicians Assistants on Dubai Medical Directory. Directory for Physicians Assistants, Assistant Physician Program in Dubai UAE.

Doctors who run their own offices or work in hospitals often need physician assistants to help them care for patients and take care of the practice. There are many different doctor’s assistants that you can choose from. In fact, you can often find companies on the Internet and in your directory that will place professionals with an office or hospital. With so many options to choose from, some people do not know how to determine which companies are best for them. By following these guidelines, you should be able to tell which medical staffing agency has the assistants that are right for you. When you first contact the company, ask them how long they have been in the health care …

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Physicians & Surgeons Referral & Information Services Dubai

Find Dubai Physicians & Surgeons Referral & Information Services on Dubai Medical Directory. Directory for Physicians Referral & Information in Dubai UAE.

People who are new to a community, are on a new health plan, or just need to find a new doctor often utilize physician and surgeon information and referral services to find a new doctor. Most doctor referral services provide information on the primary care physicians, specialists, pediatricians and dentists in an area. Most doctor information and referral services have data bases that can tell people whether or not a doctor is taking new patients; what a doctors medical credentials are; what insurance plans a doctor accepts; whether the doctor accepts Medicare and Medicaid patients; where a doctor’s office is located and its hours of operation; and what payment options a doctor takes. Some referral and information services will even …

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