Retirement & Life Care Homes & Communities Dubai

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There are several kinds of institutional rest homes that specialize in taking care of the elderly, the infirmed and senior citizens. Some rest homes are nursing homes where people who need constant medical supervision live. Nursing homes staff nurses and medical professionals who watch over the people who live their 24 hours a day. Some rest homes are assisted living centers and assisted living homes where people who may not need constant medical attention but who still need to be monitored all the time live. Some rest homes may specialize in taking care of people with specific conditions, such as a rest home that specializes in taking care of Alzheimer’s patients. Institutional rest homes for the aged provide senior care …

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Residential Health Care Facilities Dubai

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Home healthcare providers offer private nursing and recovery services to those needing short- or long-term care for rehabilitation, illness or injury. Skilled registered nurses or certified nurse assistants can provide in-home care, assisting adult and elderly patients with physical therapy, surgery aftercare and recovery, and day-to-day life. Home healthcare providers can perform services such as driving elders to optometry and dental visits, picking up prescriptions from the pharmacy, and preparing meals. Residential healthcare may offer an affordable alternative to life in an assisted living facility or nursing home for those who are too frail to live completely on their own, but unwilling to leave their homes. For those that are unable to stay at home for their recovery, you will …

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Radiology Dubai

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Radiology is used for imaging in a medical setting. A specialist uses imaging technology such as ultrasound or mri to take a picture of possible tumors. Moving images can be captured through fluoroscopy. Since this process exposes a patient to radioactive elements, radiology is only done when medically necessary. Radiology experts, specialists, and clinics are located all over the nation. This is essentially a branch of science and medicine that deals with x-rays and high-energy radiation treatments. This article was created to assist people like you with finding and choosing a radiology expert or clinic to suit your needs. As you may know, this type of technology and x-ray imaging is constantly improving. Specialists in this field can provide ultrasounds …

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Radiation Oncology Dubai

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The two most common cancer treatments are radiation therapy (or radiotherapy) and chemotherapy. Chemotherapy uses drugs to attack cancerous cells in various ways. Immunotherapy strengthens the immune system, while cancer vaccines are intended to prevent or treat certain types of cancer (Hepatitis B and cervical cancer vaccines are currently available in the U.S.) Chemotherapy drugs must go through extensive drug trials before use on human cancer patients. Radiotherapy aims radioactive particles (for instance, protons and gamma rays) at the specific part of the body that’s affected by the cancer. For small tumors (sometimes called seed tumors) or blood vessel cancers, a gamma knife may be used. Cervical cancers may be treated with intracavity radiation. In some cases, such as breast …

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Pulmonary & Respiratory Doctors Dubai

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Pulmonary and respiratory doctors can help patients treat breathing problems. These doctors can help patients with asthma.Bronchitis, a respiratory disease, causes the bronchi to become inflamed. These doctors evaluate the pulmonary system for infection. If you suspect pulmonary fibrosis, then make an appointment with a specialist soon. This type of fibrosis scars the lungs. Pulmonary and respiratory treatments affect the lungs and related organs in the body. Doctors that work in this area often provide therapy for patients with diseases such as chronic asthma, emphysema, acute upper respiratory infections, and other related problems. While some doctors focus on the entire system, some choose to specialize in specific types of treatments. One doctor, for instance, might choose to concentrate on upper …

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Psychotherapists Dubai

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People with severe emotional, behavioral or mental problems will often see a psychotherapist in order to help identify and control their unconscious impulses and desires. Psychotherapists usually use a technique called psychoanalysis, first developed by Sigmund Freud in the 1880’s, to help identify problems stemming from the unconscious desires of their clients. Psychoanalysis usually consists of a series of discussions, or sessions, between the psychotherapist and their client. Although psychotherapists do not need to be medically qualified, most countries require them to be trained, certified and licensed. Psychotherapists—professionals that utilize psychological techniques to resolve conflict, behavioral problems, and relationship issues—can work within a private practice, or within a clinical setting. By increasing a patient’s sense of his or her own …

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Psychologists Information & Referral Service Dubai

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When people are new to an area or when they have never seen a psychologist before, they often need a little help when they want to find a psychologist for themselves, their family or their child. When people need help finding a psychologist they often turn to psychologist information and referral services. Psychologist referral services provide the names, numbers and addresses of the psychologists operating within an area. Psychologist referral services also provide vital information about each psychologist they list such as their educational background, their availability, and their areas or area of expertise. Most psychologist information services also list the professional counselors in an area, the counseling centers in an area, and an area’s psychiatrists. If you have a …

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Psychoanalysts Dubai

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In order to get help dealing with mental health problems or issues regarding personal neurosis and other disorders, many people will choose to see a psychoanalyst. Psychoanalysts are usually trained in the process of psychoanalysis, which usually involves in-depth conversations with the patient about their dreams, hopes, wishes, fears and unconscious desires. Psychoanalysis was originally developed by Sigmund Freud as a way to treat neurotic or hysterical symptoms in his patients. Psychoanalysts usually use free association and other techniques to help patients work through their problems and increase their self-esteem and mental health. Psychoanalysis sessions usually last around 1 hour. Professional psychoanalysts and psychiatrists provide mental health services that help people change unhealthy behaviors and overcome compulsions, depression, anxiety, trust …

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Psychiatry Adult Child & Adolescent Dubai

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People with mental conditions, mental illnesses, severe emotional problems or psychological problems will often turn to psychiatrists in order to get the treatment they need. Psychiatrists are medical doctors who specialize in treating the mentally ill and those with mental disorders. Many of the problems psychiatrists treat are physical conditions brought on by imbalances in the brain. Adult psychiatrists specialize in providing adult psychiatry services to adults. Child psychiatrists specialize in providing child psychiatry services to children. Adolescent psychiatrists specialize in providing psychiatry services to teenagers and adolescents. Different psychiatrists may specialize in treating different mental disorders and different mental illnesses. Some psychiatrists may specialize in treating schizophrenia while others may specialize in treating depression, post traumatic stress disorder or …

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Psychiatrists Dubai

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Parents of children suffering from developmental disorders will frequently seek the help of a psychiatrist. A psychiatrist may help a parent by diagnosing what is wrong with a child who is acting strangely or falling behind in school. Attention Deficit Disorder and autism are some of the childhood developmental problems that a psychiatrist might diagnose and treat. Psychiatrists are also often contacted by businesses that are concerned with mental well-being of their employees, especially after a traumatic event such as a violent outburst in the workplace or the death of a co-worker. Schools and other organizations may also contact psychiatrists for these reasons as well. Psychiatrists can help people get back on track in their lives, providing counseling, medication prescriptions, …

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