Naturopathic Physicians Dubai

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The naturopathic doctor might have his focus on applying natural means as a way to improve the patient’s health. Such applications might be good diet and lifestyle practices combined with herbs and/or bodywork with spiritual and mental exercises. Naturopathic physician is a doctor who might practice improving a patience health through methods of treating the disease by using nutrition, exercise, heat, cold and anything else that might assist the natural healing process of the body. The intent of the practitioner might be to get the patient to control his or her mind and body. The naturopathic might believe in the healing power of nature, identify and treat the cause, first do no harm, treat the whole person, the physician as …

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Metaphysical Supplies & Services Dubai

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People who are interested in metaphysical matters and new age matters often buy supplies at metaphysical shops and new age shops. It is not uncommon for new age stores to employ people who can offer metaphysical services such as fortune telling and astrology. Some practitioners of metaphysical services – such as mediums, diviners, astrologers, numerologists, psychics and tarot card readers – practice out of their homes while others work out of storefronts or metaphysical shops. Metaphysical shops normally sell metaphysical supplies such as tarot cards, incense, crystals, amulets, talismans, pagan jewelry and idols. Some metaphysical shops are metaphysical bookstores that specialize in selling new age books on topics that can include magick, spiritualism, witchcraft, the dark arts, ghosts, paganism, and …

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Mental Retardation Information Centers Dubai

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Families of mentally challenged, mentally handicapped and developmentally disabled people usually want to know all they can about their loved ones condition and they usually want to know all they can about the resources available to them and to their handicapped loved one in the area. Families of mentally retarded people frequently turn to mental handicap information services and developmental disability information services for information about their loved one’s condition. Families of the mentally challenged also turn to mental retardation information centers and mental handicap information centers when they want to know what resources a community has for mentally retarded people and what resources there are for the families of the developmentally disabled. If you know someone with mental retardation …

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Mental Health Centers & Counselors Dubai

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People with mental health problems often seek treatment at mental health centers and mental health care facilities. There are several different levels of mental health care centers. Some mental health facilities are mental health clinics that specialize in outpatient treatment, therapy sessions, counseling sessions and treatment sessions. Some mental health centers are half-way houses where patients can leave to go work or go to school but live in an environment where they are monitored. Other mental health centers are mental health hospitals, mental hospitals and psychiatric hospitals. Some mental hospitals are state hospitals where legally insane people are sentenced by the courts. Some mental health care centers specialize in treating certain conditions and illnesses, such as a center that specializes …

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Medical Transcription Service Dubai

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Many doctors, physicians and medical practitioners use medical transcription services to turn their oral notes and observations into computerized documents. Many medical transcription services have offices in the United States and in places like India. This allows for the medical transcription service to function around the clock. Medical transcription services need to be HIPPA compliant. When a doctor, physician or health practitioner uses a medical transcription service he simply dictates his notes and observations into the telephone and it is recorded by the transcription service or he send an audio file of his notes and observations that he recorded on a digital voice recorder to the transcription service. The transcription service then takes the recording or audio file and a …

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Medical Spas Dubai

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People go to medical spas to get beauty treatments, and sometimes to get radical beauty treatments, under the strict supervision of a medical professional. Medical spas often offer services such as botox injections; restylene injections; medical peels; laser skin therapy; intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy; microdermabrasions; and photo facials. All these services are conducted under the supervision of a medical professional, usually a physician. Often medical spas offer services that are also offered at normal spas such as massage and manicures. Some medical spas may specialize in offering just one kind of beauty treatment such as a medical spa that specializes in botox injections. Medical day spas have grown in popularity by the thousands in recent years. You will find …

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Medical Service Organizations Dubai

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Medical service organizations offer a broad spectrum of health care services. Some medical service organizations specialize in helping people with their medical claims and by helping people get what is owed to them by insurance companies. Other medical service companies help people pay for the treatment of certain diseases and work to find cures to those certain diseases. Some medical service organizations are groups of physicians that have gotten together and offer a wide variety of medical services. Other medical service organizations consist of a group of physicians from only one discipline of medicine, such as psychiatry. Some medical service organizations are clinics which provide many health care services. Medical service organizations, a form of hospital-doctor integration, provide support for …

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Medical Research Dubai

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Research for medical purposes may be divided into two general fields, which are new treatments that might be tested in clinical trials and all other research assisting to the development of new treatments. Medical research might have new treatments to research, which might mean untested pathology, a new surgical procedure, a new drug or a new treatment. Most medical research may take a long time to complete before it is ever used on individuals or in medicine. Medical research may consist of basic research and applied research that could be conducted to aid the body of knowledge in the field of medicine. Clinical medical research adds to the knowledge that science uses to make educated decisions about what types of …

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Medical Records Service Dubai

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Medical records services can help doctors, nurses, private companies, hospitals, and clinics store, access, and retrieve medical records on patients, as well as provide assistance with transcription, patient management, document storage, data entry, and surgical history files. As a doctor, it is not only helpful but necessary to have a detailed file system in place for medical records, to track the health history of patients and help with document management. Medical records services may sell software to assist doctors and hospitals manage patient files, as well as format content and make data entry easier. You can find medical records service companies by looking in your local phone book or by searching online directory listings. Go online to do some research …

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Medical Management Service Dubai

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Many physicians and other health care professionals turn to medical management services to assist them with running their practices. Medical management services can perform many different functions for health care professionals. These can include medical call center services, utilization management, claims cost management, and independent physician review and consulting. Medical call center services can provide trained, professional staff at a call center that answer telephone calls, and are supported by clinical information databases. Utilization management is a process for monitoring the use and delivery of services, for example by performing pre-certification and pre-authorization via clinical review, surgical review, and outpatient medical review. Medical management services handle the bills and claims for hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices, or health insurance companies to …

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