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Find Dubai Optometrists Contact Lenses on Dubai Medical Directory. Directory for Optometrists Contact Lenses in Dubai UAE.
Find Dubai Optometrists Contact Lenses on Dubai Medical Directory. Directory for Optometrists Contact Lenses in Dubai UAE.

Optometrists Contact Lenses Dubai

An optometrist is an eye care professional who examines eyes for defects. He or she can then prescribe any necessary corrective lenses to improve the individual’s vision. These prescription lenses come in the forms of eyeglasses and contact lenses. In regards to contacts, these can be acquired in various colors, depending on the preference or the individual.

There are optometry experts located all over the country in order to properly assist people with vision concerns in all areas. Most people typically visit an optometry clinic when they are having certain problems with their vision. This way, the optometrist or eye specialist can examine the eyes and determine what is needed from there.

While one person may require bifocals, which are eyeglasses that offer two different focal parts that allow you to see near and far, others simply need contact lenses. Cosmetically, many people prefer contacts, since they do not change your appearance much. There are also some individuals that require a solution for astigmatism, which is a defect in the eye that can hinder vision or focus.

A doctor or eye specialist can prescribe the right soft or hard contact lenses to assist with this. Regardless of the type of contacts used, they must always stay moist. This is why they are kept in a saline solution. By visiting an optometrist in your area, you can learn more about brands of disposable contact lenses, prescription bifocals, vision tests, and how to correct certain eye problems or defects. It is often prudent to speak directly with a specialist about these issues.

Important Optometerist and Contact Lens Terms

Eye health plays a vital role in the well being of the public. Optometrists and opticians are important medical doctors that examine, diagnose and provide correction for vision issues. Here is a list of important key terms regarding this service.

  • Keratoconus – This is a degenerative disorder in which the cornea’s structure thins and morphs into a conical shape. Rigid gas permeable contacts are excellent for this purpose because they rigidly cover the cornea, eventually flattening the cornea’s shape.
  • Aniseikonia – This is an ocular condition in which the patient sees images in different sizes. This can happen across meridians, as in the case of near objects appearing significantly smaller than they should. This condition is diagnosed by a doctor and is best served by using corrective lenses.
  • Astigmatism – This is a refractive error that causes blurred sight. The cornea is abnormally curved causing out of focus vision that can be improved by proper lenses.
  • Rigid Gas Permeable – These are made of hard plastic that allow oxygen to pass through. They are very durable and last longer than silicone ones, though they require an adaptation period for the patient as they can be uncomfortable when initially used.
  • Handling Tint – This is applied to contact lenses to make them easier to handle. It is commonly blue in color and gives the wearer the ability to find them against the white of the case.
  • Optician – This is a specialist that provides the precise prescription, fit, and strength of eye wear. Unlike an optometrist or ophthalmologist, they do not perform examinations or surgery.

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