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Find Dubai Obstetrics on Dubai Medical Directory. Directory for Obstetrics, Ob Gyn, Emedicine, Obstetrics And Gyn, Gynecologist, Gynecology in Dubai UAE
Find Dubai Obstetrics on Dubai Medical Directory. Directory for Obstetrics, Ob Gyn, Emedicine, Obstetrics And Gyn, Gynecologist, Gynecology in Dubai UAE

Obstetrics Dubai

A lot of individuals have to go to professionals and other doctors who concentrate their attention on problems within the reproductive system of a woman. A number of the experts who deal with these problems choose to practice obstetrics and gynecology, which often handles the functions, diseases, structure, and pathology of the reproductive system of an individual woman and giving birth.

A variety of women go to doctors who concentrate in obstetrics and gynecology due to the fact that a lot of these specialists are educated and qualified to deal with different situations that trouble the reproductive system of a woman and the possibility of problems that may reside within this system.

Obstetric doctors provide health care and treatments to women during the pregnancy cycle. Many of the medical practices help women plan the births of their children, provide medical exams, and treat infertility. Nearly all of the obstetric professionals are also gynecologists, so they might call themselves OBGYNs. Obstetric and gynecologist doctors undergo extensive training in medical school so that they can provide treatments and tests that involve all parts of the vagina.

This can include the uterus, ovary tubes, and cervix. They often provide pap smears and other annual exams that help women stay healthy. The tests can also include ultra sounds to check for pregnancies and medical problems in the uterine lining that cause pain. Even though all OBGYNs are trained to handle common health concerns for women during pregnancy, some of them focus on specific areas of women’s health. For instance, an OBGYN might choose to focus on infertility.

These doctors help women plan their menstrual periods so that they can get pregnant. They might also use fertility drugs to improve the chances of reproduction. Other doctors, however, might work in the area of pediatric, adolescent, or menopause services. These specialties help ensure that patients receive all of the services that they need. You can learn more about the screening, hysterectomy procedures, pelvic exams, and other procedures offered by OBGYNs in your area by finding their websites online. You can also contact them personally to discuss issues such as tubal implants, 3d ultra sounds, and hysterectomy procedures. Be sure to get recommendations from other women in your area as well.

Popular Obstetrics Terms

Obstetrics and gynecology are a medical specialty that focuses on women’s reproduction. During the nine months that a woman is pregnant, she will visit a doctor who specializes in obstetrics and gynecology. This type of doctor is called an Ob Gyn and will meet with pregnant women to discuss the progress of their pregnancy and about delivery options. For example, doctors will discuss with expectant mothers the anaesthesia techniques they want during delivery. Ob Gyn will also conduct ultrasound exams to ensure the health and well being of an unborn baby. These medical doctors may be on call for emergency situations. These emergency situations may involve premature deliveries and high risk cases.

  • Cholestatis – Cholestatis is a condition where bile is blocked from reaching the liver.
  • Embryo – An embryo is an organism that is in the early stages of development.
  • Cesarean Section – A cesarean section is a method where an incision is made in the abdomen and the baby is delivered.
  • Ovulation – Ovulation is a period where a mature egg is released from an ovary.
  • Epidural – An epidural is a type of anaesthesia. During an epidural, medicine is injected to help reduce the pain during delivery.
  • Umbilical Cord – An umbilical cord is the part that connects a placenta to a baby in the womb. This cord is responsible for providing the baby with nutrients.
  • Sonogram – A sonogram is a pelvic ultrasound exam given during pregnancy that uses sound waves to create images of the baby.
  • Forceps – Forceps are a medical instrument used by doctors to help remove a baby during a delivery.

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