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Medical Services in Dubai : Reviews of Healthcare Facilities & Medical Services in Dubai

Medical Services in Dubai

Medical Services in Dubai – Dubai has a highly developed health infrastructure and the standard of healthcare is high. Medical facilities are modern and easily accessible for both locals and expats alike. Most public hospitals in Dubai offer good quality healthcare, although many expats choose private medical centres. English is commonly spoken and much of the medical staff consists of foreign-trained expats.

With the spread of internet advice columns and alternative medicines found outside the medical profession, it’s hard to choose the correct medical services in Dubai to ensure your mind and body are in their best condition. Finding the best option is a balance between focusing on personalized service and also a team that correctly implements new technologies and medical treatments.

Experienced Doctors – Recommendations and certifications are both important things to consider when looking at the staff of medical services. While accomplishments don’t mean everything, experience and training is a good indicator of commitment to treating people, especially when searching for a specialist in a field. Personal vouching from friends or family can also be helpful if you have these resources. Your medical team should build a rapport with you and remember your previous visits and medications. Many medical service centers will work with you to mail supplies or have call reminders to keep you on schedule.

Teamwork And Comfort Level – Whether it’s your nurse, doctor, or surgeon, you should feel comfortable telling them anything with the knowledge that your information is secure and private. Whether it’s about depression, family genetics, or body issues you are embarrassed by, all parties need to be supportive in your process of healing. Some issues are hard to discuss, such as getting hospice care for a family member, but they are important decisions that need to be made in conjunction with professional opinion.

Expanding Medical Services – A hospital or wellness center should never be content with their offerings. Instead, they should be pushing to incorporate new medical services into programs for you. This doesn’t mean that you should select a new age treatment simply because it is new, but rather that science is constantly in progress, and you deserve the health findings of this progress.

Full Body Attention – This topic can mean different things to different people. For example, if you struggle to sleep, focusing on sleep studies would be key when searching for a wellness center. Or, if you suffer from depression, a holistic approach that addresses supplements, lifestyle changes, and pills can be useful for a majority of people. Other options include specific medical services, like herbal treatments, diabetic counseling, and therapy sessions. A good doctor will have these recommendations ready, and a good wellness center will have classes or counselors available.

Cutting Edge Technology And Fields of Study – Procedures such as ultrasounds, x-rays, and body scans require top-notch equipment. There also needs to be highly trained employees to read the results and help you develop a recovery plan. Compare and contrast laboratory services and descriptions when selecting a center. Sometimes, this technology will be used in your home, like oxygen therapy or power mobility, meaning they need to be able to explain the workings of the machine competently to you.

Healthcare Facilities in Dubai

Public hospitals and clinics provide free or very low-cost medical services to UAE residents. Expats wanting to use public hospitals need to apply for a health card from the Department of Health and Medical Services (DOHMS). Modern private hospitals and a new enormous medical centre the size of a small city, appropriately named Dubai Healthcare City, service expats and Emiratis alike.

Dubai Healthcare City is a large complex of medical buildings and institutions, and includes hospitals, clinics, teaching and research facilities, pharmacies and partnerships with international institutions, including Boston University and Harvard Medical School.

Medical Clinics in Dubai

Medical Clinics in Dubai are health care facilities that specialize in non-life threatening outpatient treatment. While they can either be publicly or privately owned, they typically provide the majority of healthcare needs for their communities. Typical treatments include cuts that require stitches, burns, scrapes, fractures, insect bites, sinus infection, flu symptoms, fever, rash, toothache, earache, and others. In addition, these health care facilities are often associated with a hospital or medical school, which aids in the supply of well trained and knowledgeable staff.

Hospitals in Dubai can cover a wide range of illness and ailments. They also have the technological capabilities and onsite staff to specialize in the most current treatments and diagnoses. However, hospitals are significant budget facilities and are more prone to encourage overnight stays.

Outpatient clinics are more prone to promoting a quick diagnosis and treatment. With virtually the same level of expertise on staff and access to the same state-of-the-art equipment, outpatient clinics are more likely to have you treated and on your way in far less time.

Another noteworthy difference between hospitals and medical clinics is the type of care. Remember, outpatient clinics provide the majority of healthcare needs in the communities in which they are present, and, as a result, there is a community aspect to the level of treatment. Doctors and staff have the opportunity to get to know you and your family, which may be the best perk of all.

While medical clinics do offer many of the same benefits as hospitals, with less fuss, there are a few other factors to consider when making your decision to seek treatment in these health care facilities. The biggest factor to consider is perhaps the hours of the operation. Often, outpatient clinics are only open during regular business hours. As a result, if you are in need of urgent care outside of those hours of operation you will need to seek care elsewhere. However, should you find yourself in need of urgent care during their hours of service, it may be worth it to seek treatment there instead of a hospital where the wait could cost unnecessary time.

Medical Centres in Dubai

Medical centres provide a range of health care services under one roof, from dentistry to surgeries. Medical centres contain practices and services such as general and family medicine, sports medicine, paediatrics, cosmetic and general dentistry, dermatology, chiropractic, physiotherapy, podiatry, cosmetic surgery, travel medicine, immunisation and pharmacy services.

Medical centres can also offer specialty treatments including childhood vaccinations, children’s health, diabetes education, dive medicals, preventative health assessments and employment medicals, hormone imbalance, men’s health, pathology, sexual health, skin cancer checks, weight management and women’s health. Medical centres can be open up to 7 days a week and are often open for extended hours to provide emergency and after-hours medical care. Medical centres will often provide after-hours locum home visit services on request.

Many simple surgical procedures and on-site treatments can be performed at Medical Centres including first aid, post-operative care, blood tests, allergy testing and skin treatments. Alternative and natural therapies are also offered by medical centres including acupuncture, naturopathy, remedial and massage therapy and counselling services. Medical centres can offer a range of payment options, including bulk billing and direct electronic claims. Some private health insurance funds and Medicare Easyclaim rebates can be processed immediately at the point of service at the Medical Centre.

Hospitals in Dubai

Hospitals in Dubai – Most people have been to a hospital at least once in their lifetime, either as a visitor or as a patient. Hospitals are where many people go when they are sick, ill or injured and need immediate professional medical attention. Hospitals require a payment for their medical services, either through insurance or directly from the patient. There are many types of hospitals and medical offices. There are public hospitals, which most people visit. There are also specific facilities just for veterans. These medical centers only treat the health needs of retired soldiers and veterans. There are also cancer hospitals, which handle medical cases only specifically dealing with the disease. Cancer hospitals also have facilities where doctors research possible cures and treatments. A veterinary hospital is designed for the care of animals.

Most hospitals are divided into several sections, which each designated section handling a different area of medicine. The sick and ill will be taken to an exam room. There a doctor will investigate their condition and symptoms, and then prescribe the necessary medicine. Some hospitals also have a section that is dedicated to the health care of people with mental illnesses and mental disorders. The emergency room was designed for people who have experienced some sort of trauma or serious injury. requiring immediate medical care and attention. The operating room is the part of the hospital for those who need surgery. There are also offices for those who need physical therapy. By visiting a hospital, you can guarantee that you will get the professional care that you need from trained professionals like doctors and nurses.

Doctors in Dubai

Doctors of different specialties can be found all over the world. These professionals are licensed medical experts that assist people with health care and illnesses. In fact, there are physicians that specialize as ear, nose and throat doctors, as well as others that assist patients with eye issues and conditions. These are called ophthalmologists. Regardless of where you live in the, there is likely to be a medical physician in your town or city. The branch of medicine is very broad, which is why there are so many doctors that specialize in different areas.

For instance, there are dermatologists, which are skin specialists, as well as orthopedic surgeons, which handle bone and muscle deformities. Depending on the hospital or clinic, these medical facilities may offer physicians that specialize in foot care, brain surgery, internal health, and plastic surgical reconstruction. While some physicians are simply family doctors, others are pediatric specialists that deal with children and juvenile patients. Typically medical clinics and hospitals also have nurses to assist with sick patients and routine check-ups.

However, an appointment is usually necessary for all patients. As you may know, there are also some medical facilities that specialize in disease testing and cures, heart transplants, and even body x-rays. In order to acquire more data pertaining to doctors for ear, nose, throat, and eye disorders, try researching online. There are many official websites for different hospitals and clinics all over the country. You can even get in touch with specific clinics and physicians to learn more.

Dentists in Dubai

Dentists in Dubai – A dentist works to maintain the oral hygiene of their clients who need assistance with the care and keeping of their teeth. Some of the services that a dentist offers includes regular cleanings and cleanups, x-rays to determine what work needs to be done, and cosmetic surgery for large-scale dental work. Dentists work with both families and children to ensure that all oral care procedures are safely and gently done. Procedures vary and may include braces, bridges, crowns, dentures, and implants. Porcelain veneers and root canals are also included with full sedation to numb the gums and keep from feeling great amounts of pain. Dentists, also known as DMDs (Doctors of Dental Medicine), also offer emergency dental services for individuals that need tooth care immediately from an accident.

Different dental surgeons in Dubai are available for various needs and can be found within phone books and online directory listings for your area. Be sure to go with the dentist that best suits your needs. You may want to work with a dentist that specializes in holistic dental healing, oral surgeons for oral surgery, and orthodontists that focus on pediatric braces. Depending on your dental insurance plan, you can work with a group practice or an individual dentist. No matter what dentist you choose, look for one that provides the care you need within your budget. Ask your regular dental office for recommendations to other dentists that may best work with your needs or go online to find customer reviews and referrals for dentists within your area.

Medical Treatment in Dubai

Dubai has an excellent healthcare system, with a large number of public and private hospitals and clinics offering state-of-the-art medical technology and the highest standards of medical care. The Government has invested heavily in the health sector, and there is ready access to all forms of medical care for everyone, including visitors and expatriate workers. There is also a high ratio of medical personnel to population, comparable with most developed countries.

All types of advanced medical treatment are available in Dubai, including open heart surgery, organ transplants and laser treatment. The UAE has links with many outside medical organisations such as the UK’s Royal College of Surgeons, and these links have facilitated the development of excellent local training facilities for UAE doctors and nursing staff.

The Dubai Government has implemented a major project to create Dubai Healthcare City, intended to become a regional centre of excellence for medical services, education and research. This will be the world’s first healthcare free zone.

Free medical treatment is provided in state hospitals, GP clinics and surgeries. Government-run hospitals include Dubai Hospital, Rashid Hospital, Maktoum Hospital and Al Wasl Hospital. Dubai Hospital is a general hospitals and once of the leading medical centres in the region, while Al Wasl is an excellent Maternity, Gynaecology and Paediatrics hospital.

Private hospitals in Dubai include the American Hospital and the Welcare Hospital.

The American Hospital is the first hospital in the region to have received accreditation from the Joint Commission International Accreditation (JCIA) in the US, and all of its physicians have recognized qualifications from the US or other western countries. The hospital has centres of excellence in cardiac, joint replacement and diabetes care, and offers a full range of primary and secondary medical treatment facilities.

Similarly, the Welcare Hospital is staffed by internationally qualified and experienced healthcare specialists, and offers a high standard of care and treatment across a wide range of medical areas.

There are a large number of clinics in Dubai offering alternative and complementary forms of medicine.

Treatment and in-patient stays in Dubai’s private hospitals and clinics can be very expensive, so it is advisable to take out health insurance Many expatriates have this provided by their employer as part of their employment contract.

Medicines and Pharmacies in Dubai

Expats will not struggle to find a pharmacy in Dubai as there are plenty across the emirate; most are open 24 hours a day. Medicines are generally expensive in Dubai, and it’s best to keep the receipt if planning to claim from medical aid. Laws pertaining to drugs in Dubai are very strict, and certain medications, such as sleeping pills and anti-depressants, are prohibited from being sold over the counter, and sometimes illegal. Patients will have to obtain a prescription if they need them.

When you or your children get sick, take the prescription you received from the doctor’s office, or hospital and bring it to the pharmacy to be filled. Pharmacists on staff measure and dispense your prescription, and should notify you of any possible drug interactions. Pharmacies are usually located in the back of a drug store or retail department store.

Pharmacies sell over-the-counter medication in addition to prescription medication. Browse the aisles for cold medicine, separated by adult and children strength. If you need a prescription filled, head to the counter, hand it to the pharmacy tech, and wait the recommended amount time for the pharmacists to approve and fill the prescription. Adults often times get pills, while small children are prescribed liquids for easier swallowing.

Pharmacies, also called chemist’s stores, are also located within hospitals and clinics, providing a one-stop-shop for patients who need medicine fast. And these days, many drug stores are open 24 hours a day, so that you always have access to the pharmacy. This comes in handy when your child is running a high fever in the middle of the night and you realize you’ve run out of medicine. Because you can potentially have access to a technician 24 hours a day, this provides a great convenience for you and others who may need it.

Online capabilities allow patients to refill their prescriptions via the pharmacy’s website, specifying a convenient pick up time with access to a virtual technician 24 hours per day. Pharmacy assistants can aid with dispensing medication, but only pharmacists make the final decision regarding drug dispensation and monitoring. Pharmacists are also available for consultations with concerned patients. They can also provide compounding, which involves mixing various drugs to meet the special health needs of patients. Some pharmacies are geared toward veterinary use.

Health Insurance in Dubai

In recent years, the Dubai Health Authority has implemented new legislation under which all residents, expat and Emirati, as well as their dependents, must have medical insurance. While Emiratis are covered under a government-funded scheme, expats will be covered under private health insurance schemes. Companies are required to provide health insurance for their expat employees. While they will not be required to cover the spouses and children of employees, they will be encouraged to do so by the government.

Health insurance is collectivism in regards to health care expenses and medical fees. A group of people buy into a health coverage plan as either a group or individual consumers, to insure that they can afford health care in case they get sick or in case of an emergency. Each party pays a premium so whenever they go to a doctor’s office for a visit or checkup, they can pay a small deductible instead of a large bill. There are many debates about health care in the United States and the rest of the world, but it is an important thing to have for you and your family.

Health insurance can mean and cover a wide variety of plans. You can buy an insurance plan for a group, such as a business, or get individual plans for members of your family. There are private health care coverage plans and government sponsored plans. Most universities even have their own health care plans for attending students. Also, different types of health coverage plans cover different types of services.

Check to see if your company’s insurance covers dental, vision, and other members of your family or if you will need to purchase separate individual plans. It is prudent to do some research about the health insurance business before making any commitments. Access your favorite online search engine and type in related keywords such as health quotes, insurance plans, hospital deductibles, and doctor visits. Find out as much information about this industry so you can make an informed decision.

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Medical Services in Dubai : Healthcare Facilities & Medical Services in Dubai including: Medical Clinics, Medical Centres, Hospitals, Doctors & Dentists. Locate and compare health and medical listings including alternative medicine, ayurveda practitioners, chiropractors, medical clinics, health centers, hospitals, cosmetic surgery, dentists, dermatologists, surgeons and doctors in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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