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Find Dubai Medical Groups on Dubai Medical Directory. Directory for Medical Groups in Dubai UAE. Medical Group, Medical Group Children
Find Dubai Medical Groups on Dubai Medical Directory. Directory for Medical Groups in Dubai UAE. Medical Group, Medical Group Children

Medical Groups Dubai

Medical groups are organizations or groups of health care providers, physicians and medical doctors that work together in providing care to patients who come to the group for treatment. Often medical groups are based around a hospital or hospitals or around a clinic or a group of clinics. Some medical groups are national or regional organizations while others are local organizations. Often insurance companies will have deals with medical groups that greatly entice the insurance company’s policy holders to seek care from physicians within the group and to choose a primary care physician from within the group’s membership. Most medical groups have primary care physicians and specialists. Primary care physicians who belong to medical groups will recommend that patients who need to see specialists see a specialist from within the medical group. Larger medical groups have more kinds of specialists than smaller medical groups do.

Medical groups will have practices that work with different healthcare insurance providers to give people the treatment they need. Physicians may only take certain HMOs and PPOs in order to give their patients the proper coverage. To find medical groups in your area you can search online or in a local phone book. Your insurance may also be able to provide you with carriers locally to you. Pharmaceuticals are another thing that you may need coverage for in order to be able to afford. There are associations that will have professional doctors that specialize in a certain area. Try and get a list of doctors from your healthcare provider to see where your benefits can be used and where you will need to pay out of pocket expenses.

Most hospitals will accept Medicare, but calling in advance can help answer any questions you have just to make sure. Some centers will have different rooms for different types of practice. Some may cater more toward clinical visits while others are prepared for surgical procedures. If you have a family plan policy you might find that some physicians with practices that have a limited amount of people they can see within a certain age group. Call an office and see if they are accepting new patients. If they are you can schedule an appointment to come in. If not, they may be able to give you another clinic to try. If you want to have a consultation first, make an appointment and learn the information you want in regard to education and experience.

Medical Groups

Medical groups are groups of doctors and physicians operating within a small area or community. One practice can be comprised of various types of specialists, providing a full range of medical care for patients. They contract with HMOs and PPOs in a given area, offering coverage for family and individual plans for surgery, office visits, pharmaceutical needs such as prescriptions, and other benefits. Medical groups serve many purposes. They all work together to ensure each patient gets the medical care he or she needs. That includes managing referrals to health care specialists, adhering to hospital affiliations, and ensuring each new doctor in the group has the necessary training and experience. Specialists such as urologists, radiologists, and cardiologists within a medical group are in constant communication regarding patients.

Patients usually have their choice of which in-network doctors they want to see. Insurance coverage and policy plans vary by company. Health insurance plans can cover individuals, spouses, or families. They may have access to area community hospitals or specialty medical centers or clinics. Some plans feature office visit co-pays while others don’t. When patients visit a medical group, they may see a different doctor each time. This gives a well-rounded suite of services and expertise when it comes to medical care. Each doctor may have his or her own specialty, from surgical to clinical, offering more than one opinion. Patients usually see nurses first for preliminary information, such as height, weight, blood and urine samples, and an overview of the reason for the visit. Physicians then meet with the patients to perform exams, make assessments, and suggest treatment.

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