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Find Dubai Health Plans on Dubai Medical Directory. Directory for Health Plans in Dubai UAE, Health Plans, Health Insurance, Health Insurance Plans
Find Dubai Health Plans on Dubai Medical Directory. Directory for Health Plans in Dubai UAE, Health Plans, Health Insurance, Health Insurance Plans

Health Plans Dubai

Choosing a health care plan is a tough topic for many Americans; understanding care options and the intricacies of medical insurance can be confusing. Whatever route you take, ensure that you understand the ins and outs of your coverage, from preventative immunizations to prescriptions to long-term indemnity for serious illness or disability. Almost all general insurance coverage falls under the label of either an HMO (health maintenance organization) or a PPO (preferred-provider organization). These most-common health plans allow managed medical care to meet most healthcare needs, using a network of providers (physicians, pharmacists, dentists, vision specialists, etc.) which users can choose from. Understanding what is and is not covered by your insurance plan before you sign on the dotted line can be key to receiving medical care you can live with.

Health care plans are available to individuals, married couples, and families around the US. In fact, these plans are designed specifically to assist people with paying for simple immunizations, dental appointments, vision care, and yearly visits to the doctor’s office. Various medical procedures, pharmacy prescription drugs, and long term health plans are available to suit different needs. These programs are managed by the HMO, and most people feel they are necessary when it comes to physicians and medical care. With so many different health care providers and managed life insurance coverage plans on the market, things can get confusing.

The key is to learn what you can about POS, disability clauses, preventative care programs, and indemnity clauses in health insurance plans. While some individuals may prefer health care coverage that provides long term disability care, others may look for insurance plans that focus more on pharmacy prescription drugs. It all depends on what you need, and what preventative programs are available. In the United States alone, there are plenty of doctors, dentists, and specialty physicians that are affiliated with health care coverage plans. Therefore people across the nation are covered with medical insurance from various HMO providers. Take a moment to get more information concerning health insurance, pharmacy prescriptions, immunizations, disability maintenance, and long term care programs online. The World Wide Web is a wonderful resource for those who desire to learn more about this important industry and the way it works. If you have specific inquiries, you can likely contact a health care provider to learn more.

Important Health Plan Terms

Medical bills are expensive, but a health plan can help. There are plans to suit different personal needs. Some policies only help with preventive care, while others include full dental coverage. The following are some important terms relating to health plans.

  • Health Maintenance Organizations – For this insurance, members select from doctors, dentists, and other specialists that are approved by the insurance company. The insurance company pays all the bills. Members of HMOs typically pay a monthly premium and may also be responsible for a copayment.
  • Fee-for-Service Health Plan – For this type of insurance, the provider essentially pays a certain percentage of the insured individual’s medical bills. There is usually a limit as to how much the member has to pay in one year. Typically, choice of medical professionals depends solely on the member’s personal preference.
  • Preferred Provider Organization – A PPO is a mixture of a HMO and a Fee-for-Service Plan. Members select medical professionals from a provided list. Visits to these practitioners will be covered by the health plan. Unlike HMOs, PPOs do allow visits to unapproved professionals, though only a portion of the fees will be covered.
  • Coinsurance – This is the part of medical fees that must be paid by the member of the health plan. Oftentimes this amount is a certain percentage of the total fees.
  • Copayment – A copayment is made when services are provided by a medical practitioner. Copayments are typically small and remain the same.
  • Deductible – This is the amount that an individual needs to pay before the health plan will begin paying bills.
  • Network – A network is the medical professionals and facilities that are available to plan members. A policy may only cover expenses from within the network.

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