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Gynecologic Oncology Center Dubai : Al Zahra Hospital Dubai. Best Oncology and Cancer Center in Dubai. Gynecological Oncology in Dubai UAE
Gynecologic Oncology Center Dubai : Al Zahra Hospital Dubai. Best Oncology and Cancer Center in Dubai. Gynecological Oncology in Dubai UAE

Gynecologic Oncology Center Dubai : Al Zahra Hospital

Gynecologic Oncology Center Dubai Al Zahra Hospital

Gynecologic Oncology Center Dubai : Al Zahra Hospital – State of the art highly advanced gynecological Center by the highest standard team with western qualifications with intra operative ultrasound utilization, with minimal invasive approach and outpatient/ Day care surgery using update international protocols. These high standard difficult cases are discussed by high caliber including Gynecological surgeons, Radiologist, Pathologist, Medical oncologist, Radiation oncologist, Surgical oncologist, Supportive team and Molecular genetics team , who meet on weekly regular basis. Plastic surgery reconstruction, including Oncoplastic, implants, flaps whether rotation or free vascular flap are integral part of our center

Gynecologic oncology is a specialized field of medicine that focuses on cancers of the female reproductive system, including ovarian cancer, uterine cancer, vaginal cancer, cervical cancer, and vulvar cancer. As specialists, they have extensive training in the diagnosis and treatment of these cancers. The Gynecologic Oncology division offers a comprehensive program of clinical translational and basic research in gynecologic cancer, education and outstanding patient care. Laboratory research focuses primarily on ovarian cancer while the clinical translational research includes the use of new drugs, innovative new therapies, including vaccines and immunotherapy. Collaborative research is ongoing in stem cell biology, new imaging techniques for screening and monitoring disease, and studies of new biomarkers to determine prognosis.

Points of interest to patients

– International high standard care for gynecologic cancer
– Latest updates on guidelines in gynecology cancer treatment
– Accurate diagnosis, latest advanced surgical techniques, leading-edge targeted treatments
– Multidisciplinary team work and decisions
– Center of excellence for gynecologic oncology cases
– Minimal invasive surgery with shorter hospital stay and quicker recovery
– Complicated cases of ovarian and cervical cancer
– Treating cases of recurrent gynecologic cancers
– Expert center for gynecologic cancers and second opinion on complicated cases
– High risk patients and surgeries in cancer patients
– Intraoperative frozen section evaluation
– Debulking surgery for ovarian cancer and iliac and paraaortic lymph nodes dissection
– Radical hysterectomy for cervical cancer with lymph nodes dissection
– Trachelectomy for early cervical cancer treatment
– Adjuvant and neoadjuvant chemotherapy and radiotherapy for gynecologic cancers
– Genetic testing for familial ovarian cancer predisposition
– HIPC ( heated intraperitoneal chemotherapy ) for advanced cases of ovarian cancer
– Special post operative care for patients by a dedicated team specially trained for oncology post operative care
– Special post operative pain management plan

Al Zahra Hospital

Al Barsha, Near to Sharaf DJ Metro Station
Al Barsha, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Tel: +97143786666
Email: info@azhd.ae
Website: www.azhd.ae

Many women hear about the symptoms of various forms of gynecological cancers and fear being told they have it so much that they will not seek treatment until symptoms become unbearable. The five major gynecological cancers are vulvar, vaginal, cervical, uterine and ovarian. They are listed in order of anatomy and not prevalence. In times past, when information may have been scarce, one could have used the excuse of not knowing. With good information to be had at professional medical sites on the Internet, a woman can now take a look at what her symptoms may mean.

Using Internet information should not lead to either the extreme of passing off the symptoms as minor or being convinced that one is terminal and therefore there is no need to see a doctor. Use Internet information to be able to engage in a more productive dialog with one’s primary physician and gynecologist. Discuss whether specific screenings should be done because of the symptoms. Become educated on the issue.

A gynecologic oncologist has had more extensive training than a standard gynecologist to specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of cancers that occur in women. More than one opinion is important in diagnosis. A gynecologic oncologist can contribute much to diagnosing the health problems specific to women and may need be consulted to rule out any malignancies.

For example, consider a hypothetical situation. A patient may have presented to several gynecologists over a number of years for menstrual bleeding that lasted, at one point, for 31 days straight. This patient had debilitating menstrual pain. She would miss work and be bedridden with cramping. She was placed on iron supplements for anemia. Finally, a gynecologist found some abnormal endometrial cells and she was diagnosed with endometrial cancer. For patients like this one there are options. They are referred to a gynecologic oncologist to resolve cancerous problems. Each case is treated individually and resolved in different ways. When patients suspect a problem, they should bring it to the attention of their gynecologist immediately. This may result in a referral to a specialist. Seek the advice of a physician trained in oncology.

A gynecologic oncologist is a physician who specializes in diagnosing and treating cancers that are located on a woman’s reproductive organs. Gynecologic oncologists have completed obstetrics and gynecology residency and then pursued subspecialty training through a gynecologic oncology fellowship. Residency takes four years to complete, while fellowship involves three to four additional years of intensive training about surgical, chemotherapeutic, radiation, and research techniques that are important to providing the best care for gynecologic cancers. Physicians who complete this training are eligible to take both the obstetrics and gynecology board exam and the gynecologic oncology board exam. The gynecologic oncologist serves as the captain of a woman’s gynecologic cancer care team. It is important to consult with a gynecologic oncologist before treatment is started so that the best treatment regimen is chosen for you.

A Gynecologic oncologist is an obstetrician/gynecologist who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of women with cancer of the reproductive organs. A gynecologic oncologist is a specialized obstetrician/gynecologist. Therefore, gynecologic oncologists have had extensive training in providing care for women with and without cancer. Gynecologic oncologists are trained in providing comprehensive, multi-disciplinary care. Gynecologic oncologists are unique among surgical oncologists in this regard. They are skilled surgical oncologists who also are trained in administering chemotherapy. Therefore, gynecologic oncologist is able to provide an outstanding degree of continuity of care for their patients. For example, if a patient is diagnosed with ovarian cancer, a gynecologic oncologist can perform a staging laparotomy to surgically remove and determine the extent of the tumor. Following the surgery, he/she can review the pathological diagnosis and determine if additional treatment is required. If chemotherapy is indicated, the same gynecologic oncologist is capable of administering treatment. This allows the patient to form a long-term, meaningful relationship with her physician. The gynecologic oncologist is prepared to provide important supportive services such as: pain management, management of medical or surgical complications from treatment, complications of the cancer, and hospice referral. Again, this benefits the patient.

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Gynecologic Oncology Center Dubai


Gynecologic Oncology Center Dubai : Al Zahra Hospital Dubai. Best Oncology and Cancer Center in Dubai. Gynecological Oncology in Dubai UAE

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