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Mediclinic Welcare Hospital Dubai : Founded in 1998, Mediclinic Welcare Hospital is a modern, multi-speciality 127 bed medical facility providing attentive, cost-effective, quality care of an international standard. Our specialists are highly qualified and experienced within their particular fields, and all out staff members are trained to be fully conversant with best customer care practices, quality in the delivery of services, patient feedback, consistency of service, courtesy and effective communication. Mediclinic Welcare Hospital was the first private Hospital in Dubai to receive the prestigious Dubai Quality Appreciation Award and the ISO 9001:2000 certification. The hospital also received the Joint Commission International Accreditation, which is the most widely accepted hospital accreditation award. We offer patients the best quality medical care and services by investing in the latest state-of-the-art technology, keeping abreast of ongoing research and developments in the medical field, building trust with our customers and analysing the needs of the communities we serve.

Services at Mediclinic Welcare Hospital Dubai include: 12-bed, 24 hours Accident & Emergency Unit, Four extensively equipped operating theatres, A purpose-built endoscopic suite for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures relating to gastroenterological and liver diseases, A self-contained maternity complex, consisting of four delivery rooms and 16 Neonatal Intensive Care beds, Fetal Medicine Services, Modern hotel standard service with four options of fully furnished rooms, A sophisticated 12-bed Intensive Care Unit, for adults and one paediatric bed with facilities for ventilatory management and total physiological monitoring, A sophisticated medical imaging division with the latest MRI, CT scan, Ultrasound, Mammography and Digital X-ray, A high-tech laboratory designed as a regional referral centre, immuno-haematology, covering haematology, serology, hormone assays, immunochemistry, biochemistry and microbiology, Advanced and sophisticated analysers with the highest degree of accuracy and minimal turnaround time, A physiotherapy unit offering short-wave diathermy, ultrasound therapy, electric muscle stimulation, lumbar and cervical traction and a gymnasium for exercise sessions, Special investigation facilities for echo doppler studies, lung infection tests, electro-encephalogram, urodynamic studies and lithotripsy services, Vitreo retinal surgery, Medical oncology, Wound clinic and Ambulance services.

Contact Mediclinic Welcare Hospital Dubai
P O Box 31500 Dubai, UAE
Telephone: +971-4-282-7788
Fax: +971 4 282 8226
Email: welcarehospital@mediclinic.ae
Location Map GPS Coordinates: 25.28194, 55.38805

Oncology Treatment Dubai : Mediclinic Welcare Hospital

Oncology Treatment Dubai : Mediclinic Welcare Hospital Dubai - Cancer Treatment, Oncology, Hematology & Chemotherapy Treatment in Dubai UAE

Oncology Treatment Dubai : Mediclinic Welcare Hospital – Cancer Treatment, Oncology & Hematology in Dubai Oncology Treatment Dubai : Mediclinic Welcare Hospital – The oncology department at Mediclinic Welcare Hospital treats most types of malignant diseases including various cancers (breast, bladder, skin, gastrointestinal and lung) and lymphomas. The treatment we offer is directly tailored to the patients’ needs and is aligned with international professional standards. We attend to our patients with the utmost care as we guide them through the diagnosis, treatment and post-treatment processes. Oncology Diagnostic Procedures Oncology Treatment Dubai : Our diagnostic procedures include radiology examinations such as CT-scan, MRI, digital mammography, high frequency ultrasound, CT-guided biopsies, excisional biopsies, upper and lower endoscopies, FNAC, ERCP, MRCP bone marrow aspirations …

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