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Find Dubai Artificial Limbs on Dubai Medical Directory. Directory for Artificial Limbs in Dubai UAE. Artificial Limbs, Prosthetics, Artificial Joints.
Find Dubai Artificial Limbs on Dubai Medical Directory. Directory for Artificial Limbs in Dubai UAE. Artificial Limbs, Prosthetics, Artificial Joints.

Artificial Limbs Dubai

Artificial limbs are prosthetics that act as replacements for missing body extremities, mainly the arms and legs. The type of artificial limb depends on the severity of the amputation. People may need artificial limbs due to a birth defect, accident or disease. You can learn more on the Internet or at our local library about the latest medical technology for artificial limbs, the latest lifelike devices and appliances, advances in orthopedics, trends in pharmaceutical and biotech such as drugs, genetics, medicine, and diet. You can join support groups online, view photos of others with artificial limbs, and search rehabilitation centers in your area.

Amputees looking for prosthetic limbs, including hands, fingers, arms, or legs will find there are many different choices available to them today. Receiving quality care is important when having a custom limbs developed. Diabetics who lose their foot, finger, or arm is on the rise and are looking for prosthetic replacement of these limbs. Orthopedic appliances and braces are very common today. Amputees usually want their fabrication to look as lifelike as possible.

Prosthetic limbs also want to be light weight and easy for the person to remove. Amputees have a lot to overcome mentally, and finding the right doctor to create artificial limbs is important to develop trust. Being physically challenged is something that nobody wants to go through, yet with the proper devices, all sides of an artificial limb can look and feel comfortable for the owner. Foot drops, braces, and other devices need to be personalized to fit comfortably and correctly.

After the right amount of rehabilitation, artificial hands, fingers, or arms can be used just as well as the original. When finding a doctor to create a prosthetic limb for you, call various places and see if your insurance will cover the procedure. If not, comparing prices on limbs may help you decide who you hire. You should also look at previous work done and find patients who have been completely satisfied with their artificial limb. Finding somebody you can trust is vital in building confidence and learning how to use your new body part just as if you had it the day you were born.

Frequently Asked Questions About Artificial Limbs

The following are some frequently asked questions about artificial limbs:

Why get an artificial limb?
Artificial limbs are designed to help individuals who are missing a foot, leg, hand, or arm. This missing limb may be the result of an accident, a necessary amputation, or a deficiency, which is where an individual is born without the limb. While prosthetic limbs do not function like a natural extremity, they can allow the person to walk or carry things again. Additionally, some people are self-conscious about a missing body part. A prosthetic leg or foot, for example, can have a shoe attached and be covered with clothing.

How do I get an artificial limb?
Artificial limbs are obtained from a trained professional who specializes in making prosthetic limbs. Artificial limbs are custom made for each wearer, so these experts will need to take measurements of the site of the amputation or limb deficiency. This specialist, with input from your doctor, will also help you figure out a suitable rehabilitation schedule, which will include plenty of physical therapy and maybe even counseling.

How long will it take for me to get my prosthetic?
Prosthetic limbs take some time to make. Even after it is made, you may not be ready to use it right away. The amputation site needs to heal completely before you can use your artificial limb. Additionally, your doctor may have you use a lightweight, temporary prosthetic for a while before you are ready to use your permanent one. This process usually takes anywhere from one to six months, though it could take longer if you do not follow your rehabilitation schedule.

What can I expect once I have gotten my permanent artificial limb?
Many people who wear prosthetic limbs are able to return to their previous activity levels and lifestyles, but this can only be accomplished with hard work and determination. Regular movement and physical therapy are big parts of the rehabilitation process.

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